What are ICA’s requirements on its suppliers in regard to business process information and packaging?

Concerning electronic communication and packaging, ICA complies with the standards of the grocery retail business of Sweden. ICA’s requirements are as follows:

  • Product launches and assortment reviews are done within the time windows set by ECR. For more information visit www.ecr.se


  • Article information shall be sent electronically in appliance with GDSN-standard via Validoo Artikel. For more information visit www.gs1.se.


  • Business process information such as order, order reply and invoices shall be communicated electronically. For more information visit www.gs1.se.


  • Packaging of all types shall meet the requirements of the ECR Packaging Guide. The document can be found at www.ecr.se.


  • A review of article information and its accordance to consumer packaging and trade unit packaging shall be performed by Validoo Q-lab for all new articles. For more information visit www.gs1.se.



Ulf Tjernström
Supply Chain Development